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March 28th, 2010

11:09 pm - reason number 45 i really love this area
so kenneth suggested, i think on thursday, that we go to Six Flags this weekend since it opened as of Saturday.
so the weather was overcast, rain predicted, it was chilly, and opening weekend. AND IT WAS AWESOME.
for one, its been years since either of us have ridden roller coasters and they had several good ones. i was screaming and laughing and after most rides kenneth had involuntary tears streaked on his face. i got smile cramps.
best of all, it was just a step away from having our own personal amusement park. we waited at most one or two cycles before we got on any of the rides. at least 4 times we were the only people on the rides. all of the rides were up and running except one, the park was totally running but there were just enough people to make it feel like you werent in a ghost town but not remotely crowded.
in summary there were none of the usual disadvantages of going to a theme park. it wasnt hot or crowded, there were no lines and neither of us got sunburned. it didnt actually rain either. =)
we bought season passes, since we could and they were on special for the same price as a one day ticket. we will be back and i know it wont be as awesome crowd-wise but damn it was fun.

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February 11th, 2010

08:34 pm - oh hell no! im am officially outraged
what the fuck?! they gave Michael Vick and friggin tv show on BET!

oh hell no that sonofabitch does not deserve the reward of goddamn tv show for "all hes gone through" what that jerk deserves is the end of his career and to be attacked by angry dogs. what he did is inexcusable. making a scripted apology does not cut it. spending a little bit of money which you have in abundance does not cut it.
no no no.
i would write to BET in outrage but they wont give a damn what this white girl has to say. i am so mad. he is getting rewarded, fucking rewarded. his fate should at the very least be fade away and be a nobody and that the lesson. if you are a sick animal abusing asshole then you should lose your ridiculously overpaid job, go to jail, get out and then no one should hear about you again because you are No One. NOT that no one wants you in football so you get the alternative of a tv show.

Current Mood: angryangry

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October 13th, 2009

09:44 pm - i has a cranky. *pout* AKA i just really want to bitch about it
so i reached my threshold for achieving work-related cranky. it was the second busy 12 hour day in a row, too many computer issues (like them not fucking working for 2 and a half work days), too many infuriating owners, and too many aggressive pets. i have to bust ass tomorrow to get everything done in time to leave early enough to pick kenneth up from the airport and itll probably feel like i got a half day vacation to sit in traffic and ill be happy for it. i was fried enough that i feel like i didnt give appropriate gratitude to our regional tech supervisor when she gave me a compliment on how ive held the clinic together so well and stayed calm and collected while doing it in the face of our whole computer system going down, etc. i felt like i didnt deserve it. i just want to drink angry drinks and be cranky. *sticks out tongue*
Current Mood: crankycranky

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September 8th, 2009

09:15 pm - (mostly) not about my job
saw 4 appointment allbymyself today. really that meant i was sitting around a lot, but i did ok-ish with remembering what im supposed to say and do in appointments. hopefully the clients didnt notice much. my boss is very awesome, approachable, and supportive.

but anyway what i really wanted to talk about was getting married to kenneth. we really want to do that in October 2010. the question is, do we do that here or in memphis? as far as options on locations, wedding coordinators, dresses, hair stylists, and generally all the various vendors and resources, Washington DC wins hands down. however, we would like to actually have our friends from Starkville and thereabouts attend our wedding, and a 15 hour drive or a flight is a bit much. 3 hours is doable. there'd be no way for me to have a bachellorette party or kenneth a bachelor party here. we dont have many local friends at the moment and thus the travel problem of 3 hours vs. 15. im leaning towards getting a wedding coordinator here and planning remotely. one reason why, i can only find a few listings for wedding planners in memphis area, whereas there are many here. its gonna be a big pain in the ass to plan remotely and have to travel ahead of time to check out things in person, etc, but i dont know what else we can do to have friends present.

there are also the issues of what to budget our wedding at. my parents helped us so much just moving here, i dont know if i can ask much in the way of paying for a wedding. kenneth and i could probably save up enough in the next year but dont you have to sortof pay for things over time and know a specific number at the beginning? we'd hoped for a nice wedding, not crazy, we dont need every little detail but there high points id like to have done well. and then we'd really like a nice honeymoon. its distressing. we'd hate to put it off longer than a year.

oh, and issue number next, i have 16 days total to spend on vacation, illness, and CE. vacation wishlist includes Gulf Wars in March, DragonCon, and Wedding and Honeymoon plus some number of days it might take to go to memphis and check on any details.

maybe we could have a short, relatively inexpensive getaway after the wedding and have a big trip the following year? maybe we should do the really nice wedding small here for family and do the big party later? but that doesnt solve the issue of bachelor/bachelorette parties and may or may not address the issue of vacation days.

i dont know

any additional ideas?
Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful

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August 31st, 2009

11:08 pm - so we moved and both started working in WashDC Suburban Maryland
here's how

We loaded the truck on Saturday (8/15). i was hung over as hell from the liquor "fire sale" the night before. not throwing up but wishing i could and wanting nothing more than to go to sleep in a nice comfy bed. it took from around 10am till 11ish with a goodly break from the heat in early-mid afternoon. we honestly couldnt have done it without our friends who showed up to help. i feel so rich in love from such friends. kenneth and i were exhausted and allowed ourselves to sleep in the next morning (but the cat's made no such agreement). unfortunately, it took a lot longer than we'd estimated (big shocker) and we didnt get on the road until 6pm. we drove until i couldnt take it anymore and Crookshanks was wigging out. at that point i was regretting my decision to not have some Ace on hand for them. it was about 3am when we stopped at the Ramada and took a short nap. got up early and hit the road again and arrived at 4:30pm.

We were completely fried and nasty. After signing the lease we only unpacked our clothes, the air mattress, our shower stuff, and the animals. we just wanted to shower and go to sleep. OF COURSE we realized just before heading to the bathroom to shower that we had no towels that were reachable. And if we bought new towels, we would need to wash them before use and the detergent was also packed deep in the truck. we also had no shower curtain but that wasnt noted until we were already at Kmart getting the towels and detergent. those items plus a rental movie and some crepes and were set for the night.

By the way, the apartment is gorgeous. the living room and bedrooms are not large. However, its beautiful and laid out well. they even had a gift bag waiting for us with a refrigerator notepad, a roll of toilet paper in addition to those already loaded in the bathrooms (hey man, the details matter, think about it), and shower products. how sweet! i still haven’t taken a lot of pictures of the apartment since its not painted, decorated, or fully unpacked. Everyone here has been nice and welcoming. So much for Southern hospitality.

We did pay for movers to unload the truck and THANK GOD we did. After an hour Kenneth and I were fit to die and these two guys were still bounding up and down the neverending stairs. They took only three hours to unload everything with only a 5 minute break and a few minutes when they got distracted by my “Natalie Portman twins” poster. Cheap? No way. Worth it? Yes. We were done unloading by lunchtime. before our food had settled Kenneth got a call from Lowe’s for an interview that afternoon. They offered him the position as Manager for the flooring department unexpectedly. He had his second interview Tuesday and started last Wednesday. Wow. He got hired after we got here and started before me. It’s a lot more responsibility but also more money and a nice compliment to Kenneth to be hired straight into management.

We enjoyed some fantastic restaurants in the area. On the first Friday we were here we hit the Morroccan restaurant and the food was OMGawesome and there was a bellydancer. Kenneth shamed me into getting over being shy about it and I talked to her about lessons in the area after dinner. She was really nice. I hope to get started dancing again in mid September. I also hope to hit the BellyHorror Show in October.

So after that Friday we realized we’d run out of money. Maxed credit card and all. So no painting, no office desks (not even cheap ones), no extra things here and there we need to finish the place. Had to ask for money to make sure we could eat. We are going to be A-OK once we both get paid in two weeks but until then the consumer-dependent nesting is on hold as well as dining out and so on. Everything just caught up and its really not that surprising or that bad. We live in a beautiful if not finished apartment and itll all be fine in a couple weeks.

So I started work today! And it was great. My boss is really nice and is letting me shadow him and get the swing of the clinic this week. I’ll get going in earnest next week and I think by then, if not before, I will actually feel like I can do it. I feel like my boss is going to be someone I will be comfortable asking questions and learning from. I am very hopeful.
Current Mood: happyhappy

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August 9th, 2009

11:35 pm - the clock is ticking
we move 1 week from today.
if i didnt announce it here, I got a job! it is at the VCA North Rockville Animal Hospital in Rockville, MD which is just 20-30 minutes north of Washington, DC. i am so very relieved that my job search and the huge hit to my self esteem from it taking so long is over. in fact i was made two offers in the DC area and it was a nice boost to be wanted like that.

we found an apartment in a very nice neighborhood (the Kentlands) in adjacent Gaithersburg, MD. it is beautiful and expensive. the cost of living is more than double what we've experienced so far and until either i start earning commission (not until December) or kenneth starts working, things will be very very tight. i believe things will work out but until one of those things occurs, i will be nervous.

we have a lot to pack and do in one week. i am nervous about getting it all done. i know it always looks like an impossible task when youre about 1/3-1/2 way through. we are leaving almost all our large things and alot else behind.

i am very happy and excited about our new home. we get to paint, its really nice, it will be a major jump to civilization. it sucks we are leaving our friends behind and essentially starting over. we are going to utilize the SCA and Meetup.com for finding gaming friends and jump starting a social circle.

then theres the job. my first REAL job. i am sooo scared... and excited... and scared... and excited...

so yeah. wish me luck. wish us both luck. its gonna be a helluva adventure.
Current Mood: nervousnervous

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July 14th, 2009

05:27 pm - dare to dream?
so there is beginning to be some movement on the job front. dont want to jinx anything. just send me some positive vibes and whatnot this week concentrating on Thursday.

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May 22nd, 2009

03:24 pm - Writer's Block: There Can Be Only One
Do you believe in monogamy?

i cant love any other way. to imagine my fiance even kissing someone else as he kisses me turns my stomach. that is for me and me only.
i respect that others feel differently but i have rarely seen it not end in pain for at least one person in the mix when things are left "open."

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April 24th, 2009

01:06 pm - the end of an era
had my last lecture in school ever this morning.
graduation is at 2pm on wednesday, after that im Dr. Lindsey =)
and then its to find Teh Job. i wish myself luck, i need a good job
still dont know where im going. current prospects are in baltimore (fingers crossed), rhode island, pennsylvannia, and maybe chicago area.

my grandfather wont make it to my graduation, he is just not up to it. its sad because he told my mom that i would be his only grandchild he will live to see graduate at all. he does not expect to even see my cousins graduate high school. it sucks thinking about my immediate family reaching that stage. the only grandparent i lack of the traditional set of 4 is my fathers father and he died when dad was a toddler. so its a new a frightening stage of life. i hate watching my mother get ready for it. just sad to think on. the plan is that we'll go visit Papa on friday and bring my graduation to him with pictures and a big family dinner out (kenneth included as he is family now).

afterwards, i need to do some interviewing

big changes coming, 'tis scary
Current Mood: nervousnervous

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March 6th, 2009

12:48 pm - paralyzed by choice
so its time to look for jobs and unfortunately kenneth and i are not being very successful and narrowing down our search area. so far we have

new england (minus NY and NJ)
north carolina
south carolina
west virginia
eastern tennessee

this is not a feasible job search area, its TOO DAMN BIG.
it doesnt help that we both have visited ONLY georgia of those places on the list.
there are lots of jobs i could apply for in all those areas
what we want is culture (events like scifi cons and renn faires and concerts, bellydancing, things to do), good food (thai, sushi, etc), and shopping (fabric, books, clothes)
the only place i can think of that i know has all this is atlanta and its the place with the fewest jobs for kenneth and i
kenneth requires either community colleges to teach at or companies that a masters in experimental pyschology with extensive consumer research background could work at

Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated

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